Sample Class Materials

Full Lesson Plans

Scientific Revolution Image Analysis

This is a link to a lesson plan designed to teach students about some of the key contributers to the Scientific Revolution. The lesson requires students to think critically and extract important information about selected scientists from images that were created to display the scientist's accomplishmets.

Cold War Propaganda Lesson

This is a lesson plan that designed to teach students about propaganda and its effects on people in warring societies. This lesson allows for students to put their own creative interpretation of the important historical subject of propaganda, through allowing to create and share their own piece of propaganda.


Mini-Lesson Plans

Review of African Capitals

This is a mini-lesson that is designed to help students review for a quiz on the capital cities of major African countries. This activity allows for cooperative learning and review to take place in the form of a game that is catered to improve student knowldege on the subject of capitals of African countries.

Mbube Mbube

This is a mini-lesson designed to teach students a traditional game from the Southern part of Africa. The lesson employs a student-centered approach to the subject of African culture by allowing students to experience the culture for themselves and learn through their own actions.



Ancient Kingdoms of Africa and Asia

This is a unit test for a unit on the ancient civilizations of Africa and Asia. These civilizations include Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Isreal. It provides a variety of different methods of assessing knowledge that apply to different learning and thinking styles.

     Facebook for a Renaissance Figure

In this project, students had to create a Facebook page for an assigned Rennaissance figure. The goal of this project was to instill a deeper understanding of an important individual from the Renaissance and their accomplishments through the student's own exploration and creative presentation of facts about their lives.


Visual Display

African Geography

This visual display is an interactive bulletin board designed to help students learn significant capitol cities in Africa. This bulletin served as a tool that students could use outside of the normal class time to review the important capital cities of African countries.